Class of 65

Evelyn Maher

Evelyn Maher“Whenever I get the urge to work I lie down till it goes away”

Origin: Montreal, August 17, 1948
Ambition: Gym Teacher
Probable Destination: OK kids one, two, three, oomph!
Pet Peeve: Conceited people
Claim to Fame: Her jovial laugh
Activities: Basketball, gymnastics, soccer, track

From Gleaner Archives
30 years ago Mercredi 4 janvier 2006
December 23, 1975 3 teachers die in crash

Tragedy saddened the pre-Christmas period for people of the Chateauguay Valley with the deaths last Friday of three C.V.R. teachers in a traffic accident near Dewittville.
Killed in the traffic accident : Robert Walker, 31, of Ormstown; Evelyn Maher, 27, of Ormstown and Mrs. Marielle Williams, 34 of Howick.
The three teachers were in Walker’s Austin mini and died in the 6:30 p.m. crash at McCaig’s Corner on Rte 138. The small car went out of control on the icy road, grazing a car driven by Johanne Primeau, 17, of Ormstown, and overturned in the ditch.
Walker and Mrs. Williams were killed instantly. Miss Maher was taken to the Barrie Memorial Hospital with multiple injuries and was later transferred to the Intensive Surgical Unit of the Montreal General Hospital where she died soon afterwards.
Johanne Primeau was treated at the Barrie for minor injuries.
Ste. Martine Provincial Police stated in their preliminary report that the Walker vehicle was traveling in an easterly direction, toward Ormstown, at the time of the accident. The other car was headed in the opposite direction.
… Robert Walker was well-known as C.V.R.’s drama teacher for the last seven years, where he had co-produced several popular student musical comedies and had also been employed by Continuing Education to direct adult productions.
… Evelyn Maher had taught Physical Education at the local High School for the past two years. Her special interests were field hockey and gymnastics. …
Mrs. Williams was a supply teacher at C.V.R., who also taught French for Continuing Education.
… McCaig’s Corner has been the site of several fatalities within the last few years.
One source at the Barrie Memorial Hospital said that he could personally recall 17 traffic fatalities within the last four years on the stretch of Rte. 138 between Ormstown and Dewittville.

Doug Allinson

“If there is a better way of doing this problem,
You can bet I won’t find it.”
Doug Allinson
Origin: Toronto, March 21, 1946
Ambition: Electronics
Probable Destination: Electric chair
Pet Peeve: His sisters
Claim to Fame: His captivating smile
Activities: Hockey

Doug was born March 21,1946 and he passed away February 11, 2000. He is buried in Moose Creek, Ontario according to his sister Louise.

Bruce Johnston

“Einstein, Einstein, who is he
Just some joker taught by me.”
Bruce Johnston
Origin: Waterloo, PQ, September 29, 1948
Ambition: English Teacher
Probable Destination: Teaching nursery rhymes to kindergarten
Pet Peeve: People who disagree with me when they know I’m right
Claim to Fame: Just being B-R-U-C-I-E-E-E
Activities: Liberal Arts Society, Drama Club, Queen Scout, Public
Speaking Club

Bruce died in 1974 in Ottawa according to his sister Rae.