You Can Help

This memorial site was created to pay tribute to those classmates who are no longer with us. The sad list of names grows longer with every passing year. We hope that by seeing their yearbook photograph and reading their obituary, you will spend a few moments remembering them and revisiting a time in your life that (hopefully) was carefree and happy.

There is no cost to publishing an obituary here and no money to be made by anyone associated with the site. The cost is covered by graduates interested in seeing classmates lives remembered.

Each entry consists of a yearbook entry or high school photo and a published notice from a newspaper. If you are a family member of a late CHS/HSB graduate who is not included, you may send us a message with the information you want to share. Or, with your permission, we can add whatever information you provided to a funeral home.

Of course if you have a newspaper notice of any CHS/HSB graduate, you are welcome to submit it.

We can be reached at